Prescription Ordering Service (Gt. Ayton Only)

Online Prescription Ordering Service

Cooper Chemists can order your prescription from the surgery for you. Simply drop in your order request sheet at the branch, phone us, or use this web site for our online prescription order and collection service.

Prescription Collection Service

This is a convenient time saving service free of charge to all patients in the Marske, Redcar, Saltburn, Great Ayton, Stokesley and Guisborough areas.

We can pick up your prescription from the surgery and have it ready for your collection at Coopers Chemists. Contact the branch for details or use the online script ordering service.

Prescription Delivery Service

(Housebound Patients Only)

This service is available to all patients in Marske, Redcar, New Marske, Saltburn, Dormanstown, Guisborough and Great Ayton. Please contact your nearest Coopers Chemists branch for details or use the online prescription ordering service.